Comprehensive flood engineering assessments and reports

We are well versed in interpreting flood information and mitigating problems. Problems are challenges to overcome. We have a track record of unlocking formerly unusable land. This creates development opportunities and improves the management of overland flow and river or creek flooding – for our clients and surrounding properties. Our team considers all options to ensure our client is getting the most cost-effective outcome.

NAXOS provide hydrologic and flood hydraulic services with fast-response times. We utilise 1D and 2D floodplain modelling software (TUFLOW) for properties and developments affected by overland flow, creek and river flooding.

We offer the following Flood Services:

  • Overland Flow Hydraulic Report
  • 1D and 2D Floodplain Modelling using TUFLOW
  • Extreme Flood Estimation, including Probable Maximum Floods
  • Open Channel Hydraulics, including Unsteady Flow
  • Urban Stormwater Pipe Network and Basin Design and Analysis
  • Desktop Flood Assessment Report
  • Flood Emergency Evacuation Reports
  • Flood Risk Assessment Report
  • Flood Storage Assessment
  • Flood Mitigation Advice and Design
  • Expert Witness Legal Advice and Assessment

Important advice

Is your property is affected by flooding? A flood study is the first step of the development process. This analyses the consequences of flooding on your development, surrounding properties and floodplain. This is particularly important if there are significant flooding issues to deal with. These constraints can influence whether or how the development or improvement can proceed.

An engineer is one of the first consultants you should contact. This is to ensure that site constraints can be defined for your architect. That’s why you should call in the experts at NAXOS to ensure you protect your investment rail, hail or shine!