Cost-effective hydraulic engineering services that are concise with complete compliance

You can have total confidence in your project, knowing the team at NAXOS offers hydraulic engineering services that adheres to industry standards – without compromising on quality. We design systems that reduces risk during the project’s life cycle and ensure effective and efficient plumbing installation, to stand the test of time.

Our services encompass advice, design and documentation for sanitary plumbing and drainage, potable hot and cold water, recycle water, gas services and stormwater drainage.

Hydraulic Services include:

  • Downpipe design
  • Potable hot and cold water systems
  • Fire hydrant and hose reel
  • Recycled cold water systems
  • Tradewaste facilities
  • Sanitary plumbing and drainage systems
  • Stormwater drainage systems, including detention and retention
  • Gas services (Natural and LPG)
  • Schematic design for development application
  • Plumbing application submission to local authorities

Did you know?

Are you developing a site for commercial, industrial or residential use? It is important to obtain flow and pressure results from your relevant distributor-retailer and or a physical test from the street fire hydrant. Knowing the flow and pressures available in the street is vital to determining if you meet fire requirements for your future development. Knowing if you need boosters, hydrant, fire tanks will assist in determining project feasibility. Get us involved at development application phase to ensure the likely necessity of these services does not impact the viability of deep planting, car parking and other development outcomes.