The Naxos Way

For over two decades, NAXOS Engineers have been constantly evolving into a dynamic and diverse engineering company. We are dedicated to ensuring our client’s projects are stress free, fulfilling and profitable.

Successful projects are achieved by carefully listening to our clients, so we completely understand their desired outcomes.

We have a strong foundation of integrity and honesty. Professional relationships are our backbone. We strive for client satisfaction, which results in repeat business. The team at NAXOS Engineers have an appetite and aptitude for problem solving that is a real gamechanger. We prove where there is a will, there is a way. You can count on our pragmatic yet personable approach in forging the path forward.

What can you
expect when you
partner with
our team?

Effective, timely and proactive communication – from design to delivery, we will proactively inform and educate you on processes and timeframes. This ensures your project is delivered with maximum efficiency, profitability, and on time.

Systems and processes – to ensure predictability, consistency and a top quality complete service. Our stringent review processes manage and safeguard you throughout the entire project. This includes facilitating the council approval process and guiding construction expenditure.

The latest software and training – our cutting-edge technology and ongoing training allows us to stay ‘ahead of the pack’. This means that you – as our client – enjoy greater efficiencies.

Clear interpretation of local authority guidelines – at no point will we leave you floundering or unclear on compliance requirements. Decades of experience and industry wisdom means nothing surprises us.

Negotiation with Council – is professionally facilitated. Nobody wants to do it, but we focus on strong relationships. This results in favourable outcomes, which others can’t necessarily match.

A unique service offering – every project is assessed and resources are allocated to fit the individual requirements.


NAXOS Engineers is a trusted, experienced engineering consulting firm based in Brisbane, Australia. NAXOS work in:

Civil Engineering



Flood Modelling

Project Management

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